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#2 Couch Sex

Couch Sex

Title : Couch Sex

Author : citraryo

Pairing : Ryoda

Genre : Fluff, comedy and crack?

Rating : NC-17

Beta by : [info]meikimari *hugs Kat-chan*

Summary : ‘I want to lick him too!’ It was the first thought that popped up in Ryo’s mind when he watched Ueda licked by little puppies in one of episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN. Every day that thought ran through his mind, until one day he found Ueda alone on the couch of KAT-TUN’s dressing room. Was it the chance for him to make his thoughts become reality?

A/N : It’s been a long time since I wrote smut, so I hope you like this fic  o(≥ o ≤)o





Ryo didn't know why he was trapped by super big bodies of his best friends. It's seriously not comfortable for him to sit in the middle because, oh! It's a small couch for god’s sake! Ryo bet the couch obviously would be broken because they sat on it forcefully! Ryo was so annoyed when he was thinking about that. It’s because he just bought the couch a month ago, but now it seemed like it would get damaged by Pi and Jin who refused to let him go. They forced Ryo to sit between them and Ryo gave up struggling because it was totally futile. He was totally defeated by their strength and Ryo was too tired to deal with them.


“Why are you two butting into my apartment so suddenly?” asked Ryo in annoyance.


He tried to push Pi away but Pi just grinned at him, indicating that it didn’t affect him. Ryo groaned because, how the hell could he have two Baka as his best friends? Pi seemed like he noticed what Ryo was thinking about because he patted Ryo’s shoulder and said, “Well, we love each other, nee?”


Ryo rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”


Jin was busying himself and started to search for something from his bag. Ryo and Pi looked at him when he got up from the couch. He turned on the TV and DVD player. He was smiling widely when he inserted a DVD. In seconds, there was a film or something that displayed on the TV. Jin rushed to go back to the couch, totally unaware of the weird look from his best friend.


“What kind of DVD is that? Don’t tell me you two came here to watch a porn DVD!” said Ryo and ready to kick Jin and Pi out of his apartment.


“Hey, I am innocent like you, Ryo-chan. Jin dragged me to come here!” complained Pi.


“Oh, can you shut up? My turtle will show up now,” said Jin, ignoring Ryo and Pi that wanted to kick his butt.


It was the DVD of Cartoon KAT-TUN. Jin searched for a very cute episode for them to watch. He smiled when he found that episode. Beside him, Ryo grumbled alone while Pi was on his way to sleep. Ryo smacked Jin’s head, and then opened a can of beer. He almost spurted out his beer from his mouth when he watched what was displayed on the TV. At first Ryo didn’t care about it because Kame monopolized that episode, but in the middle of it he watched something that shocked him!


It was the scene when Ueda, his lovely enemy, sat and was surrounded by little puppies. Some of the puppies licked Ueda’s face eagerly, making Ueda smile cutely. Ryo didn’t blink when he watched that. His reaction was so different from Jin and Pi. Jin never stopped drinking his beer while waiting for Kame’s scene, and Pi was already falling asleep.


Ryo felt weird because his mind was screaming ‘I want to lick him too!’ when he watched the scene of Ueda with the puppies. The scene was less than one minute, but it succeeded in making him horny.


Eh? What? Horny? What the hell?! Screamed Ryo in his mind. He drank all the contents of his beer to clear his mind. The scene of that episode went back to Kame, but somehow Ryo still could remember Ueda’s scene vividly. For Ryo, the cutest one there weren’t the little puppies, but Ueda. Okay, maybe he drank too much so he could think weird thoughts like that.


Several minutes later Ryo collapsed because he drank too much. Pi was snoring beside him while Jin kept watching it and squealed alone when he saw Kame. Actually, Jin was being kicked out by Kame because he did something stupid today. That was why he went to Ryo’s apartment now and watched Kame non-stop though just from the DVD.




“Stop staring at me, Bastard,” said Ueda when he caught how Ryo stared at him all day. KAT-TUN and NEWS had the shared rehearsal today.


Ryo snorted. “Who do you think you are? Day dreaming already, Princess?”


Ueda titled his head, looking at him with mocking eyes. “Just admit it, Nishikido. Why don’t you tell me already if you’ve fallen for me?” teased Ueda.


Their friends were running to them to see what happened. They surrounded Ryo and Ueda, making them stand in the middle of the mass. It’s been a long time since they saw the bickering show of the famous enemies in the Jimusho, so they were more than willing to watch it again.


“Yeah, Ryo-chan, I support you if you want to confess to Tat-chan!” said Jin. All of them were gasping when they heard Jin’s statement.


Ryo looked at Ueda I horror. “Confess to him? Hell I would do something ridiculous like that!”


Ueda rolled his eyes. “Don’t think so highly of yourself, Midget. It has to be me who says that!”


“What? I am a sexy man, everybody wants to be with me!”


“Oh, yeah? Sorry, you aren’t my type. I don’t like short guys.”


“Oh, shut up. I don’t see the point of you being taller than me just because you can’t get a girl to fuck with just with that.”


“What? Don’t compare me with you, Bastard! I have never been fucking around like you are!”


“Oh, does that mean you are still virgin? What a surprise from a princess like you.”


And then they tugged each other’s hair, fighting like kids. Their friends were amazed by their quarrel because it was so easy for them to get onto a random topic to fight about. Some of them tried to stop their fight and some of them were enjoying it.


They didn’t know that Ryo was the one who was fully enjoying this moment because he could be so close with Ueda. He could see clearly Ueda’s pretty face now. The pretty face that was licked by the puppies. No wonder puppies loved to lick him. because he had the very smooth and fair skin. Ryo stared at Ueda’s full lips. It looked like so kissable. He wanted to lick it, tasting it. Yabai, this isn’t good. How could he think like that in this kind of situation? But, it didn’t ease the fact that his desire to lick Ueda was too big to handle, and the problem was that it would be  impossible for him to do that in the front of their friends!




Ryo thought it was dangerous because he couldn’t stop thinking about Ueda. Every day, everywhere, and every time he just wanted to meet Ueda, to lick him for god’s sake! Ryo bet he was insane now. Ueda was his enemy. He didn’t have the right to control his sexy brain. He hated it with all of his soul! But, what happened to him? Ryo didn’t know what happened to him. Seemed like he was going crazy with his life now. The work was killing him, and now, he had to deal with this too?


Ryo admitted, he was so busy now. The activities of NEWS and Kanjani became hectic again. He didn’t have time to rest. The frustrated and stressfulness was tiring his body. Usually, he would get laid to endure about, but he didn’t remember when it started when he felt that it wasn’t the best thing to do if he was so exhausted. It made him lack sex for the past few months. He felt weird with that because he was a normal guy who needed sex in his life. Maybe because of that, he began to think about Ueda. He couldn’t believe the only think that he wanted now was to lick Ueda. It’s crazy, but he had to blame Ueda because how could he dare to have that pretty face?!


Ryo held his head. He felt it would burst out if he didn’t stop to think about that. It was three months since he watched that episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN, but it felt like he just watched it. Ryo sighed hard and massaged his forehead. He was so tired. Life isn’t nice to him lately. He thought he would explode with frustration with the thought of Ueda that  distracted him. He was glad he didn’t have to think about his tiredness because of Ueda though there was another problem that came with it.


Ryo stretched out his hand, trying to ease the tiredness of his body. He had just finished a long briefing with his manager. He felt the manager was talking too much today, so he couldn’t remember all of it. Well, it seemed like he was just too tired, so he couldn’t focus. He thought he should meet his manager to talk about it again tomorrow. He still massaged his forehead when he checked the messages on his cell phone. There were a bunch of messages from Jin.


“I wanna go to your apartment! Kazu kicked me out again! I’ll wait for you in KAT-TUN’s dressing room!”


That was the message from Jin. Ryo sighed hard. He put his cell phone in his jeans pocket and strode to KAT-TUN’s dressing room. He went there not to pick him up, but to tell him he didn’t want to agree this time. It’s not like he didn’t want Jin to go to his apartment, but it’s just that he wanted to be alone in his apartment now. Jin’s phone was off, so Ryo had to say it straight to Jin.


On the way, Ryo looked at the scenery outside the window. The snow was beginning to pour onto the world. The white of it was giving a new color to the dark sky. It’s quite late, so the Jimusho building was quiet. The scenery of snow was giving the warm and soft feeling to his surroundings. It’s so comfortable. His body felt a bit relaxed. Even though winter wasn’t his favorite season, he loved the calm atmosphere of it. It’s the perfect time to enjoy and spend the time in your house.


Ryo couldn’t wait to go home as soon as possible, because he was afraid the snow would be coming down even harder later. Besides, he really needed sleep now. Ryo sighed in relief when he arrived in the front KAT-TUN’s dressing room. He looked at his watch. It’s eight in the evening. He wasn’t sure if Jin was still there because the last message from him was about five in the evening. Ryo shrugged, and got into the room. At least he would find the answer there.


Unfortunately, Ryo didn’t find Jin there. Actually, he could go home after he got the answer, but he found himself stunned there instead. His eyes were staring at someone who was playing with a little puppy in his hand. Ryo really couldn’t avert his eyes from the adorable view in front of him. Ueda kissed the little puppy and then looked up to see Ryo. They looked at each other, but they didn’t say anything. The puppy licked Ueda’s cheek, so Ueda’s attention came back to the puppy. Ueda smiled and kissed the puppy again, ignoring Ryo.


Ryo closed the door behind him. His eyes kept looking to Ueda when he approached him.


“If you are looking for Jin, he’s already gone with the fuming Kame,” said Ueda when Ryo stood in front of him. He said that without even looking at Ryo. Ueda hugged the puppy and let it lick his face again. He looked at Ryo because Ryo didn’t speak at all.


Ueda frowned when he saw how Ryo looked at him in strange way. It’s strange for Ueda because he caught the desire reflected in Ryo’s dark eyes. He thought he was wrong because he knew Ryo couldn’t have such feelings for him. He tried to deny it, but he couldn’t when Ryo crouched down in front of him. Ueda felt his heart beating faster, especially when Ryo fondled his honey brown hair.


“Are you drunk?” asked Ueda, confused and scared.


“I am not drunk, but crazy,” said Ryo nonchalantly.


 “I am surprised you finally realize it now,” teased Ueda.


“What if I say I am crazy because of you?” said Ryo, looking straight into Ueda’s brown eyes.


“Well, I am crazy too then because I feel the same about you,” said Ueda sarcastically.


The silence surrounded them then. They looked at the puppy. Ueda seemed like he had a habit to kiss the puppy. He kissed it and let it lick him again. Ryo stared at it intensely, and finally he couldn’t restrain himself.


“Can I lick you too?” asked Ryo bluntly.


Ueda’s eyes opened wide in horror. He bet Ryo was really crazy now. He acted so weird and talked about strange things. Well, Ueda was really freaked out now.


“Eh? What are you doing?” asked Ueda when Ryo leant closer to him. His hold on the puppy loosened as Ryo captured his lips.


Ueda was out of breath when their lips separated minutes later. He was panting madly when Ryo started to lick his lips like a puppy.

“Ah! Stop it! Why are you doing this?” said Ueda, proud of himself that he still could say proper words. His mind was almost gone when Ryo kissed him. He was melting into the kiss, so he didn’t know since when Ryo began to lick his lips again.


“It’s your fault. You are driving me crazy, Princess,” said Ryo, shoving his tongue inside Ueda’s mouth.


Ueda moaned softly. He felt hot all over his body. He did try to push Ryo away, to stop him, but he let Ryo do what he wanted in the end. It’s just that he couldn’t deny how good it could be. Every lick and every kiss from Ryo tickled him, ignited him with so much desire that he didn’t know it existed in him. His whole body was screaming with Ryo’s touches. He felt so desperate, yearning for love. He didn’t care that he got that desire from the person he hated the most. He didn’t care as long as Ryo gave him pleasure.


Ueda couldn’t control his own desire, so he kissed back. Ryo was surprised at first, but he kept going then as he knew Ueda wanted him as much as he wanted him too. They didn’t share a word. They didn’t let anything ruin it. Time seemed to stop around them. It looked like they were in a fantasy world because they were drowning in the deep feelings that they didn’t know. The feeling to have each other. 


Their clothes scattered all over the floor in the next few minutes. The atmosphere was so hot, fired them into the ashes of passion. Ryo spread Ueda’s smooth legs and sit between them on the floor. He stared at Ueda’s throbbing cock full of lust then licked it. Ueda moaned loudly, pushed back his head on top of the couch. His moans were getting louder when Ryo changed from licking to be sucking. Ueda ran his fingers on Ryo’s black hair, couldn’t stand the pleasure that Ryo gave to him with his tongue.


Ryo sucked hard and squeezed Ueda’s butt fiercely, earning the loud scream from Ueda. Ryo freed Ueda’s cock for a second before he licked it from the base to the tip. Ueda’s body quivered hard. The pure pleasure was evident on his red face. His ragging breath indicated he couldn’t last long. He screamed Ryo’s name when he came really hard after Ryo sucked the tip of his cock. Ueda almost blacked out as the strong orgasm hit him. His vision was totally white. His mouth hung open and his chest moved up and down.


Ryo licked Ueda’s cock, cleaning the juice off him. Ryo licked his lips, tasting Ueda’s seed and looking at the hottest view that he had ever seen in his life for the first time. Ryo felt he couldn’t hold himself now. He got up and searched for something in the closet of Jin’s. All of Jin’s belongings were there, and he finally found the lube there. He took it and came back to Ueda who still tried to get over from his orgasm.


Ryo carefully lifted Ueda up who seemed boneless. He sat on the couch and helped Ueda to straddle him. Their cocks grazed in the process, making Ueda open his eyes and tried to catch what exactly happened now. His eyes met Ryo’s. He buried his fingers on Ryo’s hair again when Ryo licked his jutting nipple. He moaned as Ryo sucked it like a baby just born into the world. Ueda writhed his body because pleasure was filling every vibe of it. Every move of his made their cocks bump, making their cocks as hard as stones. Ryo sucked Ueda’s neck, leaving a love mark there and tried to smear the lube on his hand.


Ueda felt Ryo stop his movements. He didn’t like it, so he grabbed their cocks and stroked them together. Their precum made the stroke go smoothly, increasing the intimate feeling for them. Ueda arched his body backward as a finger pushed into his tight hole. He screamed out loud, feeling the unbelievable pain all of sudden. He couldn’t breathe for a while. His lidded eyes looked at Ryo in the midst of lust. He bit his lips to ease the pain, but it hurt. Ryo noticed it, so he leant forward and kissed him. Ueda kissed him eagerly, hoping he could forget the pain.


It’s new for Ueda, but slowly he could feel the new sensation beside the pain on his hole. It still felt so weird, but every thrust of Ryo’s finger sent electricity through his body. Luckily, the lube was helping everything. It’s smooth enough so it’s not that hard for Ryo to insert a few more fingers into Ueda’s hole. When the third finger came in, Ueda began moaning. He broke the kiss and whispered to Ryo, “In me, now!”


Ryo got the information and then he changed their positions. He made Ueda sit on his knees, facing the couch. Ueda rested his hand on the top of the backrest of the couch. He looked back and saw Ryo stand up right behind him. He saw how Ryo stroked his own cock with the lube. He licked his lips seductively, making Ryo grab his butt and squeeze it in the teasing way. Ueda let out the sexy moan to make Ryo lose his control. It succeeded because Ryo pushed into his cute hole in one go.


“So big, ah~” moaned Ueda, tears streaming out from the corner of his eyes.


It hurt. He didn’t know how come his tight hole could accept Ryo’s manhood. It’s inside him fully. Ryo groaned in pleasure, feeling how tight Ueda’s hole was. They didn’t move to feel it. It’s so good. It’s burning them, but it’s giving them so much pleasure too. Ueda gripped the couch tightly as Ryo started to move. It’s slowly at first, so Ueda could adjust the pain into pleasure.


Ryo’s searching for the spot of Ueda’s and he found it perfectly after he changed the angle of his thrusts. Ueda screamed in ecstasy because Ryo hit his spot again and again. Ryo wasn’t satisfied with it though because he wanted to see Ueda’s face when he fucked him. That’s why he pulled out and changed Ueda’s position. This time Ueda sat on the couch and faced him. His legs spread widely for his eyes only. Ueda touched his red hole, taking Ryo’s precum that was left there with his index finger, and then sucked it. He locked his eyes with Ryo’s when he did that.


Ueda yelped when Ryo pushed inside him roughly, as his revenge to seduce him like that. He hugged Ryo, let his nails dig into Ryo’s tanned skin. It’s not slowly like before. Ryo’s thrusts became harder and deeper every time Ryo heard the high pitch of Ueda’s scream that indicated he hit the spot again. The friction of Ryo’s thrust was so good. Their hot and sweet body glued together. The sound of their panting, moans and the sound of their fucking echoed in the room, making it more intense and full passion.


Ryo lifted up one of Ueda’s leg to thrust deeper. Ueda stroked his abandoned cock at the same time with Ryo’s thrust. They looked at each other when Ryo began thrusting like crazy. Ueda stretched out his hand, wanting Ryo to hug him. Ryo understood and leant down to hug him. Soon, the thrusts were getting faster and deeper, and it was Ueda who was coming first. He spurted his seed all over their stomachs. His hand limped to his side, feeling like he would die because of the second orgasm that hit him. On the other hand, Ryo kept thrusting in him, seeking for release. The walls of Ueda’s hole clamped around his cock, forcing Ryo to the edge of his desire. Ryo thrust harder three more times before he exploded his seed in Ueda’s hole, filling it contently.


“Hm…heavy…,” whined Ueda because Ryo collapsed on top of him. He gasped when Ryo tried to get up and pulled out his soft member.


Ryo sat beside Ueda. He pulled Ueda into his embrace, wrapping his hand around him protectively. Ueda rested his head on Ryo’s shoulder. They closed their eyes, trying to go down from their orgasm. Ueda almost fell asleep when Ryo got up and collected their clothes. He looked at him in silence. He didn’t even say a word when Ryo helped him to put on his clothes.


“Aw…,” winced Ueda, when Ryo accidentally touched his ass.


Ryo rubbed it to ease the pain, but his touch became the intense one in the end. Ueda felt the desire didn’t go yet between them. He wrapped his hand around Ryo’s neck and kissed him. They kissed passionately and sweetly. Ryo still rubbed Ueda’s ass when he licked Ueda’s lips again.


“You are such a liar,” said Ueda, licking Ryo’s lips too.


“Why?” asked Ryo.


“You said ‘Can I lick you?’ but you fuck me in the end,” complained Ueda.


Ryo smirked. “Well, you are such a liar too because you loved it although you complained about it, right?”


Ueda blushed. “Shut up, and kiss me already!” ordered him. Ryo grinned and kissed him again.


Well, it’s really true that it’s just Ueda who would make him crazy. He didn’t know where it would lead them to. He didn’t know whether this could change their relationship or not. Maybe his life was like a mess but it’s okay, because he thought although he was fatigued, Ueda would always distract him from it. He wished it wasn’t just about sex. He wanted it to be something good between them. He knew it couldn’t happen instantly, but he wanted to try, because he believed he could do that, and deep inside his heart, he knew that everything would be alright if he had Ueda in his side.


Ueda stared intensely at Ryo when Ryo rubbed his swollen lips. They still didn’t talk about it, but they knew they had the same feelings for each other and they were happy about that. Ueda smiled shyly as Ryo kissed his cheek. It’s so beautiful, making Ryo want to kiss him again, but their moment was broken because of the intrusion of Koki, who suddenly opened the door.


His eyes rounded in shock when he saw how close and intimate Ryo and Ueda sat on the couch. He noticed he intruded on them, so he quickly searched for something there. The hotness of the room made him uncomfortable and he wanted to escape as fast as he could, but he couldn’t find what he was searching for.


“Tat-chan, do you see my puppy? I think you were the last person who took good care of my puppy when I had a private talk with Johnny-san,” asked Koki.


Ueda gasped. He forgot about the puppy! He looked around to search for it with Koki too. They were too occupied to search for it, so they didn’t notice Ryo, who took something out from beside the couch. Ryo looked at the thing seriously and frowned because he realized the thing wasn’t in a good condition. He gulped hard and rushed to grab his and Ueda’s bags. He then gave the thing to Koki and dragged Ueda out of Jimusho building with him at the speed of light.


Koki frowned upon seeing Ryo’s weird behavior. He shrugged and then looked at the thing in his hand. It’s his lovely puppy. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw his puppy wasn’t alright. The puppy was SHOCKED! Koki didn’t understand what happened to his puppy, but after he saw a bottle of lube that laid innocently on the floor, he went straight to knowing exactly what was going on there. Of course his puppy was shocked! His puppy became the witness of Ryoda’s sex event!


“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU TWO DO TO MY INNOCENT PUPPY???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Koki who ran after them to kill them.




A/N: Okay, what do you think about it?

I always write smut in detail, and I don’t know why I could do that, hehe

And I love the episode of Kame and Tat-chan with little puppies of Cartoon KAT-TUN so much. That’s why I wrote this fic (.∩ _ ∩.). I forgot which episode it is, but I hope you know or had been watching it ^^


Comments are really ♥♥♥♥♥




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